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Sample ResumeResumes open doors and are, in most cases, the sole means by which the employer determines whether an interview is granted. No one spends much time reading a resume-most readers spend no more than 30 seconds. Typically no one spends time reading more than one page, so first impressions are critical. Usually, the person who reads your resume has many other responsibilities in his or her company. Therefore, think of this as your first employment test: preparing a brief summary of your qualifications that sparks the reader's interest. There is no one "right" resume, but the best resumes clearly present accomplishments in as few words as possible. Your resume must "sell" you at a glance.Resume Example

Most of the on-campus interviewing opportunities for which you will compete require submission of a resume as the sole representation of your qualifications. Rarely are cover letters requested or desired by recruiters in this process. Therefore, it is important that this document effectively communicate the types of opportunities in which you are interested and your qualifications for them. In addition, employers that come to UT often interview undergraduates as well as MBA students, albeit for different positions. Keep in mind that the positions for which you will compete require more advanced knowledge, skills, and abilities. You must set yourself apart from the generally less-experienced undergraduate business student and your more experienced peers in the MBA Program. Check here for abbreviations related to resume and there for songs and artists about resume.

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Marketing ResumeThe information contained in this guide is based on current standards of resume development as found in publications for the executive's job campaign. It gives you a summary of important items considered by the MBA recruiter in the few seconds he or she devotes to each candidate's resume.

The tips in this guide are also useful for developing a "scannable" resume. Many large organizations use software to scan resumes and add them to their applicant database. It is important to adhere to formatting guidelines and use appropriate key words for a scannable resume. Typically the keywords for which the computer looks are nouns that describe the important aspects of the job. For example, a financial services firm might search for the words financial analysis, finance, investment, and portfolio management. A special section on sending resumes by email provides the latest industry insight into this very popular method of contacting employers.Resume Template

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